Bangmod Festival and 3C Model

Creating Better Environment and Knowledge Based City, New Role of Architecture School and University as a Public Good

What role could a university have for the public good?

Could a knowledge-based community be created outside, as well as inside, its campus? How could an Architecture and Planning faculty best help to create a better environment around campus? This set of questions formulates a fundamental idea for a research project called the Cycling Canal and Community (3C) Project. It also helps to launch the Bangmod Festival, an annual community fair orgnized along the 3 km canal in Tungkru district, in the outskirts of Bangkok.

The project has proven to be a successful endeavor, in which the Architecture and Planning faculty played both leading and facilitating roles in improving the public surroundings. Students and faculty members can benefit from the complexity and interconnectedness of the socio-environmental economy that could be missing from the classroom.

The 3C Project serves as a model for future development initiatives. An important lesson learned in the process is that the multidisciplinary approach and cross-organization networking are the keys to building knowledge-based communities. The accumulated knowledge contributed by the university staff, students, and the government sector, prepare students for the changing world. This paper discusses different phases of the 3C Project and the Bangmod Fest over the course of three years. The findings indicate that the university is the essential key player in building knowledge-based communities in and outside the campus.

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