SoA+D delivers outdoor Covid-19 screening stations

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Due to coronavirus outbreak affecting a lot of people around the world, especially the medical staffs who must work closely with patients, the Covid 19 screening station (project of the research and design team) serves as a screening point for infectious diseases of the respiratory system (under positive air pressure), installed outside the buildings. This was produced to reduce the spread of infection and protect medical staffs. It was designed by a team of instructors and researchers from the Humanitarian Design Lab of the School of Architecture and Design (SoA+D), King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT) and was led by Ajarn Sunaree Lawanyawatna and Dr. Martin Schoch. The project was funded by the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) and SoA+D.

Installed outside the building, the Covid-19 screening station was developed as a screening station for respiratory diseases. It is divided into 6 service stations namely 1) registration, 2) consultation, 3) payment, 4) medical and equipment, 5) swab test, and 6) registration for follow up. This helps reduce the risk of infection to healthcare professionals and those admitted at the hospital, ensuring safety in the screening process. This research is one of the studies created to help Thai society in solving problems and mitigating crises caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ajarn Sunaree Lawanyawatna, project leader and researcher of the Humanitarian Design Lab, said that at the present, the screening station has been delivered and installed for two local hospitals including Somdej Phra Yupparat Loeng Nok Tha Hospital in Yasothon Province, and Srisangwan Hospital in Mae Hong Son. The Covid 19 screening station is in full use at the Srisangwan hospital. It works as an ARI (acute respiratory infection) outdoor facility/clinic to prevent any potentially infected patients from accessing the existing facility inside the hospital and to help in protecting and reducing the stress of the medical staffs. In a normal situation, this facility is also used for TB and influenza patient consultation. This project is patented under number 386675. 

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