LRIC: Lighting Research and Innovation Centre

Achieving higher-quality lighting and value through design research and innovation.


Achieving higher-quality lighting and value through design research and innovation.


LRIC - Lighting Research and Innovation Centre


The Lighting Research and Innovation Centre (LRIC) focuses on human factors in light and lighting, both visual and non-image-forming (NIF) effects of light, for indoor and outdoor environments. Our goal is to create an evidence-based, high-quality lighting design and value driven innovation and do so with minimal impact on the environment.  We also provide professional training and advanced postgraduate lighting education in Thailand and the Asia-Pacific region.  


  • Workplace Lighting
  • Hospitality Lighting
  • Lighting for Well-being
  • Urban Lighting


  • Integrating human factors, lighting technologies, and creativity to high impact lighting design research for public and commercial applications 
  • Developing value-driven innovation with a profound understanding of user experiences, emerging technologies, and real-world opportunities
  • Creating light art installations to address environmental issues and societal needs


We provide an education in lighting that ranges from fundamentals to specialized levels, from short courses on specific applications to a master’s degree program—the first international program of its kind in the region.

Academic Services

Our collaborative efforts with leading academic and industry partners strengthen the connection between design research excellence and real-world applications.  

Bringing design research to practice

We believe that bringing new bodies of knowledge can add significant value to your projects and enhance users’ experience, health, and well-being.

UPCOMING EVENT of SoA+D!!!!Free entrance! Experience the new lighting ideas!“Banglamphu – Blossoms in a new light” on 25-26 June 2022On the weekend of 25-26 June 2022, the local community, the lighting designers at King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, and our allies are pleased to invite you to stroll around the Banglamphu neighborhood by day…

- 24 June 2022

18 – 26 June 2022 at Banglamphu Local Museum and the Sumeru Fort, Bangkok Lighting Workshop as a part of this research project(workshop at Bang Lamphu Community, in collaboration with the local guides and volunteers as well as leading Thai lighting designers.

- 26 May 2022

CIE National Committee Workshop on Lighting EducationMay 17, 2022, 09:00 to 12:00 CEST The Directior of LRIC has been invited to attend the CIE National Committee online Workshop on Lighting Education on 17 May 2022. As the CIE is the international Commission on Illumination, we are grateful that Prof. Luoxi Hao (CIE Vice President, Publication)…

- 26 May 2022

Prof Michael Siminovitch, Director of the California Lighting Technology Center, UC Davis had visited LRIC and discussed continuing collaborations on light and health. They are also planning to extend the collaboration to include the medical experts in Occupational Health at Mahidol University. 22 April- 7 May2022

- 26 May 2022

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