Urban Sense Lab

Exploring the sensory and diverse potential urbanism has in cultivating an economy of innovation and creativity.



Exploring the sensory and diverse potential urbanism has in cultivating an economy of innovation and creativity.




At the Urban Sense Lab we believe that a creative and innovative economy can be built if we understand the urban conditions that attract and foster creativity. With our focus being on the urban environment, we are interested in the sensory interactions people have as they navigate their lives through and within cityscapes via sight, sound, touch, and other sensory modes.

Connecting the sensorial back to the architectural, the Urban Sense Lab plans and designs urban spaces to mediate between these two contiguous affairs. We use research-driven processes to drive the betterment of urban experiences and construct developmental models for the society, the economy, and the environment—both at local and global contexts. Meanwhile, we are also working towards building a community of learning for those who realize the importance of urban design and development


  • Co-Creating knowledge: Sensitive Urban Development, Waterfront Urbanism, and Social Equity Design
  • Co-Dissemination: Shared Value, Collaborative Tools and Processes, and Urban Information
  • Co-Innovation: Planning Support System, Alternative Transportation Policy, Urban Resilience Design and Planning


A sensitivity towards urban development is important to us, and we make sure we are leading by example through our local, area-based projects. We aspire to build a knowledge-based, multidisciplinary urban community. Because of this we develop educational, training, and research tools to help communities tackle social and urban development issues. To build and sustain an urban community, we work to create shared values and bridge gaps between environmental policies and action at the community level.

Co-Create Urban Knowledge

We research and co-create bodies of knowledge to drive sensitive urban development in Thailand through area-based projects around 3 university campuses (Bangmod: Creative Canal District, Klongsan: Innovation District, and Bangkhuntien: Ecovillage). We also consulted, co-created, and processed data needed to plan and design the social equity waterfront public space.

Co-Disseminated Urban Information, Tools, and Value

We provide coaching and training services in studio/workshop settings such as the Local Think Tank workshop, teaching multidisciplinary integrated classes such as the GeoDesign Collaboration class, and holding a national/international seminars and conferences such as the DRIA (www.dria2021.com)

Co-Innovated Urban Solution

We bridge the developmental process gaps between data/issue understanding and incremental community/team action to environmental public policy through planning support systems for alternative transportation policy and urban resilience. 


SoAD Design and Planning students with URBAN SENSE lab join the Bangkok Design Week 2004 in making Bangmot Grow with the Flow installation works: Bangkok Canal Citizen Scientist-Designer Collaboration EXHIBITION Communicating the quality of life and environment along the canal using scientific tools in combination with lighting design, architecture, and urban planning.Communicate the importance of…

- 02 April 2024

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